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Seavision lens filters explained

Before you jump in with SeaVision's custom prescription dive masks or swim goggles, it is important to know the products that we offer and which products are most beneficial to your underwater visual needs.

We are all about providing the best underwater visual clarity possible and have explored many avenues to make this happen for our customers. 

A question or concern that we get often is about our lens filter options and 'how on earth anyone can dive seriously with pink lenses?' In all reality, it's a science and can truly make your diving experience much better than what the naked eye can see. That is why we offer these filters at no additional cost on our prescription lenses. We honestly want you to have the best experience in the water and encourage our customers to give it a try.

The History

In 1994, one of our employees and his son were diving off the coast of Florida when he noticed the brilliant colors that his underwater camera had captured. Research showed how light and filters affected the human eye. Fortunately, he worked for one of the largest optical labs in America and was able to put his ideas into production. That is when he came up with a way to use yellow and magenta lenses in his dive mask that brought a whole new underwater experience into view.  

Color Correcting

It is a scientific fact that specific color wavelengths are lost as you dive deeper and deeper into the water. Much like the rainbow, you will begin to lose the color red first at about 15 feet. Following red, orange will begin to disappear around 25 feet. Keep the rainbowseavision prescription dive mask lens filters explained going, and yellow disappears at 35, green at 65, and finally blue at around 200 feet.

Our color-correcting (magenta) lenses were designed and created to be used in waters where there are more vibrant colors to see. This unique and patented product is designed to filter out blue wavelengths in the water which allows your eyes to see the brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, and green colors that are normally lost as a diver descends.


Our MaxVision (yellow) lenses were designed as an alternative to our color-correcting lenses.

The MaxVision lenses are to be used in low-light situations such as lakes, quarries, caves, rivers, and night dives. These lenses are also helpful when diving in cloudy or murky waters, which could be in oceans as well as lakes or rivers.

Our MaxVision lenses help to optimize available light and help sharpen vision at the same time. This color helps to increase contrast and depth perception in environments and conditions where normal light is diffused.

In conclusion, you may feel silly having colored lenses but you might not be the only one sporting these custom-made lenses, and overall, you'll have a far more superior diving experience.

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