Bring Your Own Mask (BYOM)

Do you have your own mask that you prefer? Or, perhaps, already have a SeaVision mask and just need your lenses updated with your new prescription?

As long as your prescription falls within the parameters of what our machines are able to manufacture, you can buy new lenses only and we will place those lenses into your existing mask. 

In order for this process to work, you will need to order lenses only and send us your mask. 

Please see the steps below.

Confirm Suitability. 

There are only certain mask sizes and shapes we can manufacture lenses to fit. 
See list below of some other eligible masks. 
Please note we cannot make lenses for any single lens masks; only those with dual lenses are possible.

Buy Lenses.

Visit our shop page to purchase the type of lenses you want.

You will choose either Plano, Single Vision, Bifocal, or Gauge Reader lenses. 

Click here to learn more about our lenses and color filtration options.

Send Us Mask.

After purchase, send us your mask so we can securely place your lenses into the frame for you.

We will not begin making your lenses until we receive your mask. 

You can mail your mask to 4399 35th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33714.


Receive your mask back with your new lenses and enjoy your next diving and/or snorkeling adventure. 

Consider sharing your underwater pictures with us by tagging @SeaVisionUSA in your posts or sending to

Suitable BYOM's eligible for SeaVision lenses...

The below list reflects some of the other masks on the market for which we are able to manufacture lenses.


  • Cressi Focus
  • Deep See Clarity
  • EVO Stealth
  • H2O Delta (MS-4)
  • H2O Alpha 2
  • Omer Abalon
  • Omer Alien
  • Riffe Naida
  • Riffe Nekton
  • ScubaMax Navigator
  • ScubaPro D Mask


  • ScubaPro Flux Twin
  • ScubaPro Futura 2
  • ScubaPro Solara
  • ScubaPro Zoom
  • Sherwood Onyx
  • Sherwood Targa
  • TUSA Freedom Ceos
  • TUSA Freedom One
  • TUSA Intega
  • TUSA Liberator Plus

Don't see your mask on this list? Contact us and we'll evaluate if we can make prescription lenses for your mask.