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Dive Masks

High-quality, low-profile durable masks that look great and fit perfectly for your next dive or snorkeling adventure. No longer will you have to deal with the hassle (or risk) of prescription contacts under your dive mask.

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Swim Goggles

Ideal for swimmers who wear prescription glasses. In addition to helping you see underwater, these help anyone who don't want to risk exposing their eyes to pool chemicals or bacteria in lakes and oceans.

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Whether it be our innovative, semi-dry top snorkels, mask containers to help protect your mask and prolong it's longevity, or our 2oz Defog bottles, we have what you need to assist in your next dive or swim.

How It's made

Each SeaVision prescription dive mask and swim goggle is manufactured in our 15,000 sqft, state-of-the-art optical lens laboratory in St. Petersburg, FL. The same technology used to make prescription eyeglass lenses also makes the high-quality lenses we place in your dive mask or swim goggles. 

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What People Are Saying

Highly Recommend

...Much to my surprise I think I can see better with the dive mask than I can with my regular glasses. Outstanding quality and great customer service. Highly recommend.

Hugh from CA, USA

Awesome Product!

This is the 4th prescription mask I ordered and have been happy with all of them. Can't wait to use my new one. 

Cynthia from FL, USA

Loyal Customers

I've used SeaVision prescription masks for years and love the product. Service is fast, and the quality is top notch. This mask is far superior to having prescription lenses ground and "bonded" to the inside of a mask.

Alyssa from IL, USA

Worth it!

Very happy with the item I ordered. I have terrible eyesight and ordered a prescription snorkeling mask for an upcoming trip...It seems to be very well made. Not cheap but worth the price. Ordering was simple.

Charles from FL, USA

One of a Kind

SeaVision is the only place to go for diving masks when you need prescription lenses. 

Rosemary from NC, USA

5-Star Customer Service

My package arrived today and was just what I expected. Good communication when I had a question about it. Fast responses to emails and always cordial and helpful. 

Emily from OH, USA

Above and Beyond

Very well done. Customer service was excellent. We bought two masks at once and there was a problem with one of the prescriptions...SeaVision called us a couple times and finally even spoke directly to the Doctor's office. Masks feel and work great.

Lonny from NE, USA

Well Made

My last mask from SeaVision lasted 15 years and it is still in great shape. The only thing that got old were my eyes and that's why I bought a new one. New one custom made and delivered fast. 

Jim from LA, USA

Wow, This Is Amazing!

We were late in ordering our prescription goggles for our South Pacific Cruise, but SeaVision USA had our goggles delivered within a week. Now when we go snorkeling we don't see fuzzy fish and coral, but the natural beauty in all its splendor!

Marcia from CA, USA

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