Testimonial 3

I have been enjoying my Sea Vision mask for over 5 years now. I see the reefs and fish in true color, as though I were diving with a light pointed at all I see. There have been many times I have exchanged masks underwater, to let someone else experience the Sea Vision difference and they are always amazed. As a matter of fact, a DM in Curacao let me try his on at 40 feet, and when I got home, I bought one! I have also found that my Sea Vision mask does not fog up, and fits me better than any other mask. I even dive with it at night!

Janine Davis - Owner Diversitea

Testimonial 2

Just wanted to drop you a note to advise your amber-lens mask has worked better than I expected. I found that in low visibility it enabled me to read depth/pressure gauges and monitor the wrist computer better than any mask I have used.
I would highly recommend any diver working in a low or limited-visibility environment give the amber-lens mask a try.

Capt. Rick Neal (Rtd.) - PADI Master Instructor, former Police Dive Team Commander

Testimonial 1

As a PADI Course Director and as a technical instructor/trainer, I have never dived with a better mask.

C. Stephen Oborn Ph.D