December 2, 2011

This is a follow-up on the Swimvision goggles you provided me last January 21, 2011. I have been using the goggles for almost a year and they have never leaked. With all of the other goggles, they begin to leak and you need to tighten the strap to prevent leaking. After time, the strap breaks and you need a new strap. As the goggles age, this happens more frequently.

The Swimvision goggles by Sea Vision USA, have an inner lining that is close to the skin and separate from the main frame of the lens portion of the goggles. This design is fantastic! The goggles have not leaked and the strap has not needed adjustment. Please, inform the manufacturer that these are the best goggles I have ever used in the 40 years of swimming!

Dan Swartz

November 11, 2011

I have been diving since 1982; been wearing glasses since age 8 with progressively stronger prescriptions over the years as one would expect when the eyes continue to mature.
Since learning to dive, I have been in the water wearing contact lenses, insert lenses, and a specialty mask that utilizes the refractive index of water for vision correction.
While all have their good points, none of these really seemed to be a full solution to correcting my vision underwater--especially when I was prescribed bifocals a couple of years ago. Good vision while submerged is pretty important to me as both a scuba instructor and underwater photo/video enthusiast.

Someone recommended SeaVision to me, mentioning that I could get my bifocal 'scrip ground directly into the faceplate. I decided to roll the dice once again on a possible solution for sharp vision underwater.

I could not be happier with the experience; SeaVision made the entire ordering online process easy--all I needed was my current prescription from my optometrist, then chose a mask from the online selection, and the finished product was in my hands less than a week later.
The fit of the mask is comfortable, but even as important I now see as well below the water as I do above it--a VERY marked improvement. I heartily recommend SeaVision as a possibility to anyone who has vision requiring correction.

John Lewis

June 3, 2011

My entire staff at our PADI Dive Center uses your masks, and has enjoyed them for years!
As an instructor, I love your masks. They help me keep better track of people in the water, especially in limited visibility situations.

When I first used a Sea Vision mask, I thought I had discovered new species of corals, they were so brilliantly colored.
Occasionally, I have to give my mask to a student, or a diver who is troubled by a leaky mask. When I exchange my mask for theirs, I am surprised by the great difference in visibility (about half without Sea Vision) and lack of color in the dive.

Keep up the great work of making an excellent quality mask, and your prompt service and shipping is wonderful too.

Susan D. - Qwner Underworld Scuba PADI Dive Center #20008, Manzanillo Mexico

February 20, 2011

You saved my dive trip to Little Cayman Island. When I found out my old bifocal goggles no longer worked after several years of non-diving, I panicked since my trip was less than 2 weeks away.

I received my express order for my new goggles in only 3 days after I sent you my order. They were perfect, and fit even better than my first ones from 1995!

Great company. Great Product. Great service. Great value.
Thank you.

Stan K. (New Mexico)

Testimonial 4

Everyone on a trip will see me with my red lenses and ask me why do I use a SeaVision mask. I tell them that in the past 29 years of scuba diving and running a boat I have tried every mask out there and the only mask I will dive with is SeaVision because the most important thing on a dive is what you cand see and how clear you see. I let them try mine and everyone has said that it is amazing how the reef looks with a SeaVision mask. They said they have to have one.

Captain Steve L Hardy - Reel Therapy Charters