Dec. 18 2013

Thanks John for great service. This is my second mask. Both sea vision masks are amazing.

Aaron R. from south Florida

April 24, 2013

John saved my dive trip to Honduras!
I ordered 2200 ultra mask with magenta filtered single vision lenses and a snorkel. Since I just got my open water certification, I had no idea that making customs masks can take up to two-three weeks. Of course, I was short on time, yet John was understandable and got my RX with express service in just 6 days! I am very satisfied with my first diving investment. This summer my mask will show me underwater world of Sri Lanka, Philippines and Thailand!
Thank you, SeaVision!

Mariya Podeyko

October 26, 2012

I am getting ready for a dive trip to Cozumel, MX and packing my gear when low and behold I find out my Seavison mask has a cracked frame. I am leaving in less than 5 days, What to do since this is my prescription too! Well on to the phone with John at seavision and then off to ship my mask overnight to them for repair. Seavision and John are amazing as my mask was received the next day and out the day after that back to me! Dive trip saved, SeaVision is the greatest!! Not only do they have the best Prescription Mask out there, they care about their customers and understand about the last minute problems that crop up now and then. Believe me you can not go wrong with a mask from them and you will be able to see and dive with comfort too.
Thank you again John and Seavision.

Jeff Walker

September 10, 2012

after a lot of dive shops and trying on a lot of masks, i finally found the perfect one. then my eye doctor told me that i could no longer wear contacts. tried to get lenses for the mask i had but no one could duplicate the lens shape. so again i searched and decided to try seavision. i was apprehensive about bying a mask without trying it on. but it arrived, i took it to the lake to try it out, and was i surprised. it fit and felt even better than my "perfect mask". the vision was excellent. even the transition between the prescription lense and the bifocal was seamless. the yellow filter really brightened things up. thanks for giving me a new perfect mask.

David Winters

August 29, 2012

Just got my order! Super impressed! I have never owned a prescription dive mask (and BOY do I need one.) You guys got it to me fast and it fits perfect. Best of all, I can see!

Many thanks for a great product and great service! I would definitely recommend you guys to others.

Kristen Vancouver, WA