1. How long will it take to receive my order?

    Typically, with our standard shipping, you can expect to receive your SeaVision prescription mask order within 10 to 14 days of your order. However, our express delivery will get your order to you within 3 to 4 business days.

  2. Are your masks suitable for diving or snorkeling?

    SeaVision prescription masks are designed for years of enjoyment for SCUBA divers and snorkelers alike.

  3. My distant vision is fine, but I’m having trouble reading my gauges. Can you help?

    Many SeaVision customers just need some help with seeing up close. We can customize your lenses with single vision, bifocal, or our Gauge Reader, which is a non-prescription bifocal with a +2.00 add to help you see up-close objects.

  4. Are your prescription lenses glued in?

    No. SeaVision's lens are not “glued” or bonded to regular lenses. Each SeaVision lens is custom ground according to your specific eyeglass prescription. This creates a much more efficient, light-weight lens that allows you to enjoy seeing the great underwater world better than ever.

  5. What optical information do you need from me?

    To get started, all we need is your current eyeglass lens prescription and your PD (pupillary distance) measurement (your eye doctor will know what that is). Once we have that, we can start on your very own SeaVision prescription dive mask or prescription swim goggle lenses.

  6. Can you put SeaVision prescription lenses in my mask?

    SeaVision can provide vision correction lenses for many mask types. For more information about your particular mask type, please call or email SeaVision with the make and model of your mask.

  7. Is Pay Pal the only method of payment you take?

    If you do not have a PayPal account, or don’t want to use PayPal, you can certainly order by phone or email. Call us at 800-732-6275 or email info@seavisionusa.com with your Visa or Master Card.

  8. What is a PD measurement?

    Pupillary distance is an important measurement used to determine the proper lens shape and alignment of your prescription correction for your line of vision. With an accurate PD measurement, we make sure we align your lenses over the center of your pupil for proper clarity.