Equipment Care

SeaVision® masks and goggles are the finest products available. With proper care and maintenance, you will enjoy your SeaVision® products for many, many dives to come.

We guarantee all of our products against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase, with proof of purchase. Be assured that should there be a need, SeaVision will repair or replace any defective product during the 12-month warranty period. Should you have any questions or comments on our products or services, we are here for you. Email us or call 800.732.6275.

Maintenance Instructions

If you have purchased a prescription dive mask or goggles from SeaVision, do not clean your SeaVision lenses with any abrasive substances like, toothpaste or scrub cleansers. This will damage the lens and leave scratch marks.

After each use, rinse your mask in fresh water before storing.

Due to the nature of silicon and environment in which it is used, mask skirts and straps may fade or experience loss of color. This is expected and does not affect the performance of your mask. Avoid storing your mask in high temperatures for long periods of time or, in direct sunlight.

Cleaning Instructions

Every effort has been made to provide you with a mask prepared to use for diving. Here are a few simple procedures to follow before using your mask. A mask defog bottle has been included with your mask order. Whether wet or dry, apply a small amount of the defog to the interior of the lens surface. Let stand a few minutes. Then, rinse well until clear.

Defog 2oz Bottles

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Enjoy Your Dive!