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SeaVision® Swim Goggles are ideal for those who wear prescription eyeglasses and do not want to lose them in the pool, lake, stream or ocean. Your goggle lenses will be custom made for your individual vision correction, even for astigmatism. SeaVision® has the latest Technology with our Digital state-of-the-art Equipment and highly experienced Technicians to fill your vision prescription. We use the same material eyeglasses are made of which, are more durable and clearer than glass.

Enjoy clearer vision while swimming and avoid possible hazards by wearing prescription Swim Goggles from SeaVision®. They help protect your eyes against strong pool chemicals, harsh minerals and bacteria found in lakes and oceans. Also, with custom prescription lenses in your Swim Goggles, you will have better depth perception and a safer swim. As the experts, specializing in underwater sports eyewear, SeaVision® can make your prescription work for your underwater activities.

Keep in mind, not all contact lenses are suitable for diving. Gas permeable lenses (GP lenses) can "dig" into the eyes below certain depths, because of the pressure. Soft contact lenses can collect waterborne organisms and become contaminated causing eye infections.

Swim goggles or a dive mask provide a pocket of air in front of your eyes that enables light rays to travel through your eyes in a more precise and focused way. Have us custom make your prescription lens in Swim Goggles for you. Then, enjoy the difference your SeaVision® Swim Goggles will make in your swimming experience!

We have the Swim Goggles made in a range of +2.00 spheres to -7.00 and a Cylinder up to 4.00.

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We guarantee all of our products against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase (with proof of purchase). Rest assured that should there be a need, SeaVision will repair or replace any defective products during this 12 month time period.


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