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Diving Masks from Sea Vision®

Sea Vision® Diving Masks are made with custom ground prescription lenses in them.
Your lenses will be made for your individual vision correction, even for astigmatism. The lenses are made by our Digital, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and our highly experienced technicians.

As experts specializing in underwater sports eyewear, Sea Vision® can make your prescription in single vision or bifocals in any SeaVision® mask, as well as several existing scuba dive masks. Our dive masks give you maximum field of view from edge to edge to experience the same vision underwater as on land. Unlike other companies, there is NO gluing or bonding of the lenses into the mask!

Sea Vision® offers premium scuba dive and snorkel masks with Patented color and vision corrective lenses. Our scuba dive mask lenses are made from the highest quality materials (CR39) that are stronger, and more efficient than glass. Our color filtered lenses allow scuba divers to maximize their underwater experience. Whether it's in the rich vibrant waters of the ocean or, lower light situations such as lakes, rivers, or night diving, you will see better and farther.

Scuba Divers, keep in mind that not all contact lenses are suitable for diving. Gas permeable lenses (GP lenses) can "dig" into the eyes below certain depths, because of the pressure. Soft contact lenses can collect waterborne organisms and become contaminated, causing eye infections.

Swim Goggles

As the experts specializing in underwater sports eyewear, Sea Vision® can put your eyeglass prescription into Swim Goggles. The clear, flexible swim goggles come with an adjustable head strap, hard shell storage case and 1 year manufacturers warranty. Our swim goggles will enhance your water activities experience! Check out the Testimonials on this web site now.

You will enjoy the difference your Sea Vision® dive masks or goggles make in your swimming or scuba diving experience. Just contact Sea Vision® today, for all of your prescription under water eye wear orders!

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